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  • Vaccinations by qualified Pharmacists
  • Ages 10+
  • No script required
  • Cost $25
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When should I get vaccinated?
The best time to have a flu vaccination is autumn each year, prior to the peak of the flu season, which usually occurs between June and September. This is because your immunity is strongest and most effective 3 to 4 months after you are vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccines and Flu Vaccine
COVID-19 vaccines can be safely given on the same day with an influenza vaccine

To deliver this service safely to our customers we have implemented the following measures:

If you are unwell please do not attend:

If you have any COVID‐19 or flu like symptoms including fever, sore throat, cough or shortness of breath please do not present for your flu shot. Please cancel and rebook for another time when you are well.

Aim to minimise wait time in the pharmacy:

We ask you to complete the pre‐immunisation checklist prior to arriving for your flu shot to minimise congestion in the pharmacy. The pre‐immunisation checklist will be emailed to you with your booking reminder 72 hours prior to your appointment. If you cannot do this there will be additional copies in store.

Hand hygiene and cough etiquette:

We encourage all staff and customers to practice good hand hygiene and cough etiquette at all times.

Please book using the link : Book now

Bookings for  new 5-11 Paediatric COVID-19 Vaccination (Pfizer) service is now open

You must be aged 5-11  to get the Pfizer Paediatric vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine doses are free.

Bookings for the 2021 COVID-19 Vaccination (Moderna) service is now open

You must be aged 12 and over to get the Moderna vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine doses are free.

Bookings for the 2021 COVID-19 Vaccination (Pfizer) service is now open

You must be aged 12 and over to get the Pfizer vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine doses are free.

On the day of your appointment please:

  • Wear clothing that makes it easy for the vaccinator to access your upper arm
  • Wear a face mask
  • Fill in the pre-screening form within 24 hours of your appointment

At Bangor Community Pharmacy

Our friendly staff take pride in offering personal service and professional care to all of our customers. In fact, our willingness to volunteer information and discuss health issues is recognised by our happy customers.

So why not call in to our pharmacy and visit us today!

Services Provided

Bangor Pharmacy is proud to care for families in our local area.
We’re committed to helping our customers manage their own health and wellness.
Through educational opportunities (like this website), we hope to communicate the value of ongoing health care.

Our friendly, professional staff are more than happy to help you with your pharmacy requirements. Our customers comment on the large number of staff available who are always willing to help them.  We have both male and female staff available to discuss your sensitive issues in a private area.

Baby Weighing
Diabetes Management Specialists
Registered Diabetes Australia sub agency
Blood Pressure Monitoring Service
Vaccination Service
Certificates for absence from work

Dose Administration Aid Packing (eg. Websterpak)
Script Management
PBS Safety Net monitoring
Equipment Hire
Return of Unwanted Medicines Program
Sharps Disposal Collection Point

Electronic prescription

What is an electronic prescription?

An electronic prescription is a digital version of a paper prescription. During your consultation, your healthcare provider can send your electronic prescription to you as an SMS or email in the form of a link to a unique QR code or ‘token’

What are the benefits?

All medicines can be prescribed using an electronic prescription. The message with a link to your electronic prescription is stored on your digital device, so you can access it whenever you’re ready – saving you time, paper and streamlining the process and improving medicine safety

How to get an electronic prescription

*During your consultation your doctor will send your electronic prescription to you as an SMS or an email
*You will then take it in to the pharmacy or email it to us
*If you have repeats, a new QR code/token will be sent back to you (via SMS or email) when you pick up your medicine (this replaces the original token)

How to get your medicines

After your consultation and once you have received your electronic prescription, you can either:
Take your electronic prescription to a pharmacy so it can be scanned​
Forward the SMS or email to us: pharmacist@bangorpharmacy.com.au

Useful Resources

Organisation / URL Indicative Information Available
Information about common affective disorders including post-natal depression; information line and sources of help; beyondblue Rural Women’s Bulletin.
SANE Australia   
SANE bookshop for books, DVDs, brochures; information on schizophrenia and stigma plus affective disorders.
Mental Health Council of Australia
Variety of fact sheets and information tailored for consumers or carers.
Suicide Prevention Australia  
Information for individuals considering suicide, helping someone who is considering suicide, and moving on after a suicide attempt.
Black Dog Institute
Information about depression and bipolar disorder; community programs and getting help.
Sydney Counselling Centre
Counselling and support, assessment and diagnosis, psychological therapy, consulting and forensic report services,employee assistance programs, vocational guidance
Real life experiences; where to get help; useful information.
Mental Health Association NSW
Mental health publications and videos, referrals for a wide range of mental health services within NSW, resource centre, largest information database of government and non-government mental health services in NSW
Organisation / URL Indicative Information Available
Heart Foundation
Information on heart health, healthy eating, recipes, active living, and what to expect following a heart attack. Multi-lingual resources available for download
Nutrition Australia
Information on cardiovascular health including blood cholesterol, blood pressure, lifestyle tips and dietary approaches for good heart health
Australian Government Department of Health
Information on the different types of cardiovascular disease. Related links
Information on the different types of cardiovascular disease.
Organisation / URL Indicative Information Available
Cancer Council Australia
General information about cancer, as well as helpful tips on prevention (e.g. Nutrition, early detection, sun safety)
iheard has been created to dispel stories, rumours and fanciful claims about cancer. Ask any cancer-related question and your query will be reviewed by their experts.
Life, Hope and Reality
information for people with advanced cancer, their families, caregivers and friends
Tour De Cure
Charity organisation that raises awareness and funds for cancer research, support and prevention.
Also news on cancer, cycling and each tour
Organisation / URL Indicative Information Available
National Diabetes Services Scheme/Diabetes Australia
An initiative of the Australian Government and is administered with the assistance of Diabetes Australia.
Information hub for all things diabetes; news, registration forms, products and ordering forms,
Information for young people living with diabetes
Pregnancy and Diabetes
A website for women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
Also has resources for partners, family, and friends.
Australasian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society
Information about diabetes in pregnancy and its effect on the child.
Multi-lingual resources available for download
Nutrition Australiaes in Pregnancy Society
Information about diabetes and nutrition such as a general overview of diabetes, healthy eating tips, and explaining the glycaemic index,
Australian Government Department of Health
Up to date information on diabetes, diabetic programs and initiatives, and related links.
as1 Diabetes
Information, ideas and references to help kids, teens, parents, teachers and carers better understand diabetes and how to manage it.
Organisation / URL Indicative Information Available
NSW Health
Up to date FAQ on chronic pain, including lifestyle tips, medications, and further resources for support and help.
Chronic Pain Australia
An overview of chronic pain
Agency for Clinical Innovation – Pain management network
Working to improve the experience and delivery of healthcare for patients with chronic pain across NSW.
Organisation / URL Indicative Information Available
Asthma Foundation
Information on asthma, what to do in an emergency, and resources to help manage asthma (inhaler technique, resources in other languages, posters and fact sheets.)
National Asthma Council Australia
Information on asthma, medicines used in asthma, managing asthma and lifestyle tips.
Woolcock Institute
Information on hayfever, allergies, asthma, COPD, and respiratory services offered at the Woolcock clinic.
Lung Foundation Australia
Information and contact details of patient support groups, rehabilitation programs, and education days.

Our Pharmacists

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